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- ANDESCAMP Lodging and Mountaineering
  • Address: Huaraz,Peru
  • Address: Jr Huascar mz6 sub lote b2 Just 100 meters down from the Inmaculada school
  • Web Page:

  Language: English,Italian

  Instructions: by bus to do climbing, treeking, culture… and hostel

  Contact info:

   Phone: 0051 43 943563424 ; 0051 43 799093

   Fax: 0051 43 428214


  Sleep info:


Author:  (I visited the place)


  1. i did climbing with this agency, and they were great. Good service and now they have a hostel is well which is call the some name ANDESCAMP Lodge. i was staing there…good recomendation for this travel agency and the hostel which is the some company…

  2. we were in andescamp hostel, was really clean, good, and great

  3. it was great place, the service was perfec, we enjoy so much…

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