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- Eco Planet
  • Address: Rua 10 Julho 695 - Centro Manaus - Amazonas- Brazil
  • Address: Rua 10 Julho 695 - Centro Manaus - Amazonas- Brazil
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   Eco Planet has City tours in Manaus, boat trips, jungle lodges, sport fishing and adventures tours.

  Language: poretuges and english


Author:  (I visited the place)


  1. Great start Jorgy! After some problems with the flthigs, you managed to get to Sao Gabriel! This trip must be one of your greatest experiences ever. I can imagine that being in Amazon is like being in some other world, breathing the air in the lungs of the world ! I have to say that I am very curious about your boat trip and I am looking forward to read your next blog! Good luck with your research plan and keep us posted!

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