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- La Beltranaja

  Language: English, Espaniol


  Sleep info:

   Type     Guest house,

   Toilet Private

Author:  (I visited the place)


  1. She has a beautiful voice, no mistake. But … I prefer this song sung by a man. It is too sweet when sung by a woman. Her voice is naturally sweet and pure like a ray of sun light. When sung by a man, there’s a certain rawness that hightens the sweetness. See Brian Kennedy’s rendition.

  2. I love Benny and June 🙂 I saw it on the list on the psychmovies site, it is one of my favorites…When my daughter was little we watched Drop Dead Fred togather, afterwards she asked me so many questions about the mind and how it works and she started studying psychology, no one believes me that her interest in the field started with that movie

  3. This has taken me right back. I used to live in Boxmoor and walk Misty Moo (our dog) along the path daily. Must go back soon!

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