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Humanitour is an internet portal devoted to promoting local travel related businesses around the world – first and foremost in developing countries. Humanitor aims to connect inquisitive travelers directly, via no commission based middle man, to local business in the specific locations they wish to visit.

These local businesses may be hotels or restaurants, food stalls or fishermen’s boats, and the aim of Humanitour is to give these small businesses a unique platform to market themselves and offer their services free of charge.

Thus Humanitour has a twofold aim: to promote the normally unknown and due to lack of means, unmarketable, small businesses, as well as to connect travelers around the world with these local businesses, thus giving travelers across the globe access to previously inaccessible small businesses, and thus broadening the scope of travel locations and activities and ultimately leading to a real, authentic and truly unique travel experience Our hope is that this internet platform will encourage local people to start new businesses and that already existing small businesses will begin to promote themselves.

We hope that Human Rights and Women’s Rights organizations (International, governmental and NGO’s), will encourage local people in developing countries, to develop such businesses. Humanitour is a public forum where local people who provide goods and services on the one hand and tourists traveling the world on the other hand can benefit each other, all free of charge.

The Humanitour site was created by people for people.
This internet site is our dream come true. We are a couple interested in human rights, and love to travel.

We wanted to promote human rights by making a real difference for people in developing countries.

As we traveled a lot all over the world, we realized, that while we pay a lot to tour organizers, the local people get very little out of it. We came up with the idea of Humanitour – human tourism – connecting tourist from all over the world directly with local people who provide services and goods, with absolutely no charge at all neither to the tourists, nor to the local people. We provide a service, free of charge to both tourists and local entrepreneurs.

Wherever we traveled we met people with small businesses, that can not advertise themselves efficiently, so they work with agencies and corporation who take the major cut of the price the tourist is paying. This site was built with our own funds.

Humanitour is our way to thank all the local people we met in different counties. This is also our way to promote different tourism, human tourism: true experiences of a country, its people and environment, while benefiting the local communities affected by it.

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Humanitour Blog:, is the first of its kind Internet-based global travel exchange devoted to promoting humane tourism by empowering local travel related businesses around the world – first and foremost in developing countries. Humanitour aims to connect travelers from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand seeking new adventures and authentic experiences directly, via no commission based middle man, to local businesses in the specific locations they wish to visit – thus, giving economic advantages to local businesses and giving travelers authentic and truly unique travel experiences. Places like Papua New Guinea, Thailand, India, Argentina, Brazil, Africa, Equador, Bolivia, Mexico, Vietnam, Kenya, Zambia, Peru, and more.

Humanitour enables travelers to experience the world through the eyes of its local people while contributing directly to those people, ensuring that tourist dollars benefit the local community directly.Humanitour, is about giving opportunity to the local people, empower them, enable them to enjoy the fruits of tourism directly, get the publicity and cut all commissions on the way. We believe the future is humane tourism.The Internet is changing tourism. More and more travelers are planning their travels and vacations via the net. The Internet enables people to cut off commissions. The traveler can search for new destinations to visit, talk or read about other people experience, and buy the services directly.

Locally-based tourism related services can register and be offered by Humanitour. These local businesses may be hotels or restaurants, food stal